Wednesday, June 07, 2006 Partial Change is Good

Look the new site is done. You are looking at the newly redone, Google Fact blog!! Do you like it? Just joshin with ya.

Here is the quick and dirty. I was trying to import all of my blog posts and comments into the new site. As fate would have it, the process failed miserably. In the process I had to change some publishing settings and so I lost my template and all kinds of other joyous things.

Consequently, I am going to ask that you begin beta testing the new site. Please register on the site, hammer the forums, and help promote the site launch. I will be in the process of making some aesthetic changes as well as adding older content from the Google Fact blog. I was hoping to have more completed before I released the site, but because of the problems I felt it necessary to go ahead and start the migration.

New Site: ,

Description: I decided to expand my blog and write about more than just Google related topics. I needed a generic domain where I could host this content and I choose steeplemedia as the domain. I can now host the GF blog and the NBCTH blog from the same site. Additionally, I wanted a place where there would be more dialogue and less monologue, so now we have forums tied right into the site.

Status: The site is in its early stage and I need your help to register and test the forums as well as testing the blog comments. Please provide we with feedback and let me know what I can do to make the new site better. Additionally, I would like to have a blog in which every member of the GF community could be a contributor on. I think it would be fun to see all of the different topics that you would discuss.

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