Saturday, May 20, 2006

Da Vinci Code Final Challenge Final - Puzzle #5

The last challenge is the Geography Challenge, or the Jigsaw Challenge. You have a puzzle broken into about 20 or 25 pieces. Put the peices together and you are finished.

From Pyro: it's a shifting image of several screens from the movie; I glimpsed Silas stalking toward [someone], hands holding a Cryptex, an old man cowering in terror (Sauniere?), and a close-up of a man's face. There were probably a couple more as well, though I didn't have enough of it together to tell what they were.

Hopefully we can get a screen shot of these different images. Possibly by leaving one peice undone until the puzzle rotates through all images? If not just do your best working from the outside in.

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At 5/20/2006 7:55 AM, Blogger f. said...

The clues provided for puzzles 1-4 are correct. Unfortunately the last "puzzle" puzzle is a little rough. If you really want to win, I would wait and see if anyone comes up with advice or a secret. I'm not sure how much help screen shots would be; many of the pieces are the same size and shape. Just concentrate on getting the borders in, then try to grab pieces based on their color at that moment. The Columbia logo (one of the screens) is easily recognizable, and you should be able to match several pieces based on that alone.

At 5/20/2006 1:11 PM, Blogger Chickadee said...

There was also a long shot still of Sophie (L) and Robert (R) running in the streets, I think.

At 5/20/2006 5:22 PM, Blogger Farragoulash said...

The puzzle was 6x6, 36 pieces.

The thing I hate most about the puzzle app is the inability to move the pieces into the border area around the puzzle. I think that is the one single aspect that slows me down the most - I mean imagine doing a real puzzle when all your pieces are piled on top of one another. Frustrating.

At 5/21/2006 6:24 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Well, I finished. I fumbled that final puzzle a bit too much. I went into the final puzzle only having used about 2.5 minutes. Unfortunately, the final puzzle messed me up and it took me a total of 7 minutes.

At 5/21/2006 8:17 AM, Blogger linuxdave said...

Here are some screenshots of the puzzle images that are cycled that I took.

At 5/21/2006 10:49 AM, Blogger H-sizzle said...

Here's a wmv video of the final puzzle for anyone who wants to see it.

2.99 MB

At 5/21/2006 11:15 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

I discovered (or maybe everyone already knew this) that you can pull the puzzle peices completely out of the square. I would separate them at the bottom of the screen to make it easier to see the shapes - especially for those center peices


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