Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Two Adsense

The next time you visit a website or blog, think about visiting their advertising sponsors. Visit those sponsors websites with an open mind to the products or services they may be offering. You may find it to be an enlightening experience, or you may find nothing at all.

I know from experience however, that it takes less than a few min to determine if the advertiser’s content is of value or of interest. However, by visiting the advertisers content you will have created revenue that fuels the economy of the Internet, and for that all publishers are grateful.

One of Google’s greatest accomplishments thus far, is the development and promotion of Adwords and Adsense, which allows small website owners / bloggers to increase traffic to, and generate revenue from, their published content. The Internet’s economy is much like that of the U.S. economy in the sense that it is comprised primarily of small website (business) owners. The content that these small publishers create has proven to be a valuable part of the Internet and it is the advertising programs like Adsense that allow these small website owners to survive among bigger sites with deeper pockets.

So, the next time you see an unobtrusive advertisement on a website, don’t think of it as the enemy, as we did in the past when we were being bombarded with popup ads. Think of the ads as the currency of the Internet. The currency that makes the content that we freely enjoy on the Internet possible. Let’s work together to strengthen the Internet’s economy by taking a few moments out of our days to support the little guys (who may just be trying to raise a little money for college tuition).

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Yea, but you have to admit that I make a good point and revenue and the Internet. I could just make a whole page with advertising like the million dollar home page. Amazing how that works. And then for some reason because the whole page is advertising people would want to visit the site?

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