Monday, April 17, 2006

The Da Vinci Code - Quest Solution (1 of 24)

Google annouced that it has partnered with Sony to create a series of puzzles to promote the upcoming movie, "The Da Vinci Code" set to release May 19th. One puzzle will be released everyday for the next 24 days. Be one of the first 10,000 to solve all of the puzzles and you will win a collectors item from the movie (valued at $30).

"What is the symbol on Robert Langdon's forehead?" The answer to the question that appears after the symbols are arranged correctly is Blade.

"The blade or pyramid is the alchemical symbol for fire. It also symbolizes masculinity and in combination with its complement shape the chalice, the blade forms the Star of David or Solomon's Seal. The blade is also an equilateral triangle, a symbol of the Christian trinity."

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At 4/17/2006 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, there are many variations of the first puzzle, so that won't work for everyone.

The answer to the question is always blade, however.

At 4/17/2006 4:17 PM, Blogger G00GLEFACT said...

Correct. There is not one single solution to the puzzle since the puzzle changes. You can however keep requesting a new puzzle which may lead you to a puzzle which has the same, or a similiar, solution. I did not write an algorithm to solve the puzzle because of its simplicity. I solved the puzzle twice in < 5 min.

At 4/21/2006 8:37 AM, Blogger roxanne said...

i can't get it what eactly am i looking to do???? please help me out

At 4/21/2006 6:50 PM, Blogger G00GLEFACT said...

You can think of this puzzle in three parts.

1. Every row must contain only one of each differant symbol

2. Every column must contain only one of each differant symbol

3. Every color group (seperated by white lines) must have only one of each differant symbol.

Keep placing and rearranging the symbols on the board until all 3 conditions are satisfied.

If you just can't seem to solve it, leave me your email and I will be happy to help you solve it.

At 4/24/2006 7:24 AM, Blogger Billi Pease said...

ummm, ive done this over and over again, when i complete the puzzle, nothing happens. I know i got it right...

At 4/25/2006 11:18 PM, Blogger god said...

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