Sunday, February 26, 2006

Libjingle - Google Talk

Last month Sean Egan announced the release of Libjingle 0.2.0 on the Google Talk blog. The most notable change to the source base was the inclusion of a visual studio .sln. Big thanks should be in order for Mr. Egan from all of those Windows developers who are not familiar with building and compiling Linux applications. Generating Libjingle.lib and pcp.exe (the two components in the solution) is simple if you follow the 5 step outline provided in the read me file. I have included those steps below in case you want to know what is involved before downloading the project files.

1. Install Visual C++ Express 2005. It is free from this link:

2. Install the platform SDK and integrate it into VC++ express

3. Download and install binary package for expat:

4. Update the Visual C++ directories in the Projects and Solutions section in the Options dialog box
Library files: C:\expat-VERSION\StaticLibs
Include files: C:\expat-VERSION\Source\Lib
where VERSION is the version of expat you've downoaded

5. Unzip the libjingle files, open the solution and build.

Note: Only the pcp example application currently builds on Windows. There are no open souce media components integrated at this point so there is significant work before a call can be made on Windows. Review to interface your own media componentry with libjingle.

I built the project for Windows in just a few minutes using VS 2005. I have also collaborated with a friend on the linux version, which we have successfully built, but haven’t yet been able to get completely working. Next up, to implement the library in a solution, for which I am going to be enlisting Joe Hildebrand’s Jabber-Net.

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