Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why Google Bought Measure Map

Some of you may be wondering why Google bought this seemingly unheard of statistical logging software, specifically created with blogs in mind, and produced by the folks over at AdaptivePath. Does Google have any sort of method behind this madness of swallowing software packages and turning them into beta services that never open up for public use (Analytics)? Criticizing Google on their recent purchases is a trivial task, trying to determine the perspective of the executives making the decisions to acquire these products is much more difficult. Since we like a challenge, we’ll focus on the latter in this post.

Google already owns a powerful software package that does statistical analysis of web traffic logs. I’m guessing that the decision makers at Google saw some promise in the combination of the two software packages, Analytics which they already owned and this new product MeasureMap. There is also the possibly that Google won’t combine these packages, and that would be no surprise to me either.

Blogging has become a huge part of the market place on the internet. Blogging companies are selling for millions and sites like myspace.com, an extremely informal blogging tool that has risen to the 9th most popular destination on the internet, are thriving. Google owns Blogger.com a very popular and well known blogging tool and they may have bought this package specifically for integration with Blogger.com. A quick search on Google will reveal that there are many users who want to see who is visiting their blog, where they came from, and how long they stayed. Currently Blogger.com does not have this functionality built in to the software and many bloggers are using third party software to obtain this data. It would make sense for Google to buy this package and integrate it right into Blogger.com while keeping Analytics open for more extensive tracking, like what might be needed on eCommerce sites.

I’ll be curious to see how long it takes them to get MeasureMap out of beta status and make it available for the public to use. As a side note, Adaptive Path, the creators of MeasureMap, are also the same company that provided a facelift for Google’s Blogger.com. I’m curious if somebody at Google mentioned the need for this type of software to Adaptive Path back then or if those guys are just that creative to develop just the tool Google was looking for. They did after all give us the popular web 2.0 phrase “AJAX”. The only thing that really surprises me about Google’s purchase of the software is the lack of existing user base for MeasureMap. The software didn’t have time to develop and test the scalability of the software package.

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