Sunday, February 12, 2006

About Google Video

If you haven't visited Google Video lately you might think about dropping by sometime for a peak. Google has revamped the home page to accommodate the new video store and has also added some convenient new features.

Unfortunately, the video stores content is still very limited, so If you are looking to buy a specific video you are probably out of luck. That is unless you are looking for a recently televised basketball game, like Kobe Bryant’s 81 point game . The NBA has published 350+ games for your digital video collection.

I don’t watch much TV and as a result, most of the content in the video store isn’t of much interest to me. However, there are some free videos available that I find quite interesting and educational. Let me share three of them with you.

  • Google Tech Talks – I am thankful Google is kind enough to share this collection of educational videos with us straight from the Googleplex. If you have a technical background and haven’t seen these yet, let me recommend them to you, they are quite a treat. The topics range from robotics to meteorites in Antarctica and are always intriguing.

  • John Battelle talk at Google NYC – This is another video from Google that doesn’t fall under the Tech Talks category. The speaker for this video was John Battelle who was a founding editor of Wired magazine, authored The Search, and has a very popular blog on search.

  • Phillip Leason’s future of Google – This is a humorous parody on the future of Google (and its use by a teenage user???). Phillip Leason has a very popular blog focused on Google.

Finally there are a few great features of Google Video that I want to highlight:

  • Google Video Player – You can now download the Google Video Player which is required for purchased videos, but can also be used with free videos that are enabled for download

  • Send Link – Google has made it easy to send a video link to your best friend or coworker if you find a video that is worth sharing.

  • More From This User Link – If you like a video and you want to see if the publisher has any other videos you can use this convenient link.

  • Put on site – This is my favorite. If you like a video and you want to host it on your own website, Google says, no problem (demonstrated below).

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